Creativejuicy Writing Resources

Like most artistic or creative practices, writing is largely a solitary craft. Many writers lock themselves away for hours on end to work, sometimes not seeing another human for days.

However, research is an integral part of a writer’s life. Before the World Wide Web, to gather information, a writer would be forced to leave the writing sanctuary to visit libraries, government offices, galleries, courtrooms, museums and any other source necessary for the project at hand.

Back before social media, connecting with other purveyors of this solitary craft was not easy. And what if a writer wanted to enter a competition, submit their work to a publication, find a job, or meet with groups or like-minded people? 

With the seemingly limitless power of the internet, a writer and their bum-glue need never be parted. There is more information out there than stars in the universe – and anything you want to know or verify, track down or connect with, is readily available – literally at your fingertips.

This is a compilation of various resources that can be useful for writers in all genres.

But even though you have untapped resources at the click of a button, it makes good sense to leave the virtual world every now and then, and visit a library, bookshop, museum or art gallery.  After all, the real world is where actual inspiration comes from.