How to (not) be a newsblogger

People who start up ‘news blogs’ are potentially dangerous. Especially if they can get enough people to actually read their blogs. They’re mostly bad, wannabe writers who can’t spell, and couldn’t recognise grammar in a wolf’s costume. They have read somewhere that if you start your own news blog, you could basically become an influencer  (the polite word for a cyber-bully). They have either been egged on by a mate during a booze-fest and thought, ‘how hard can this be?’ Or  they seriously have no idea how bad their writing actually is.

The world is already saturated with opinionated dicks who believe that research is all about soaking up the vile biases of shitty newspapers and corrupt politicians, then turning that so-called information into subjective rants that can be posted anywhere…because the internet allows them to. Bit like me, right here, right now.  Anyway, here’s one for ya.

“Ginger and Whinger” have blamed everyone, now it’s Australia’s fault!

While you may have your own opinions about the subjects of this so-called blog, there is no denying that blog structure here is non-existent and basically makes no sense. Whatsoever. There are no facts supporting the listical, and it has a childish, goading, antagonistic, ‘Jeremy Clarkson/Piers Morgan’ the-world-already-hates-me-so-who-gives-a-shit vibe that makes me wonder why I even clicked on it. Curiosity. My bad. Note to self, avoid rabbit holes. But it did prompt this blog, so following the mantra of my favourite writerly influencers Writers’ HQ, which suggests I ‘stop fucking about and start writing’, my daily quota is done and dusted.

There are other equally nonsensical pieces of content on the piece of space that this self-proclaimed ‘Daily News Dash’ blogger occupies in the cyber world, but I guess the point of this post is that information (with no regard for accuracy) and opinion have become ridiculously intertwined to become a mix of crude diatribe, publishable anywhere, any time. Heaven help us.

If in doubt about the ineptitude and scary nature of those who projectile vomit chunks of partially digested news into the world, why not check out some of the clueless banter on Quora, the go-to on how-to…

“I want to start a news blog website. Can I copy news from other news website? Or tell me the best way to start a news blog website”

When it’s all said and done, I suppose it’s all about venting. Much like I’m doing in this totally opinionated blog post you’re reading right now…(insert eye-rolling emoji).

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