Are your words looking a bit out of shape? Feeling bloated with too many adverbs?  Lethargic in the idea department?

Anais Nin once said ‘Words are magical. Intellectual banquets. Orgies of ideas’.

For all writers, writing is a brave act. It requires rummaging around inside your soul to try to find not just words, but the truth and authenticity in your words. If you’ve ever done more than wonder if your writing is ‘any good’, then stop wondering because you’ll never know unless you keep writing.

Writing is a little like a fitness training program – you need to make up your mind to just do it! But if you find you lack motivation or direction – sometimes a little one-on-one action can help your brain develop that mental six-pack you’ve always coveted. Here at Creativejuicy, you can nurture your love and respect for the written word, get motivated, share what you’ve created, and learn how to grow your passion.

Whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction, novels, short stories, flash fiction, poetry or articles, the genres may be different, but the disciplines and techniques are the same. Honing your craft requires what best selling author Stephen King refers to as bum glue!  So let’s see if we can make some!

However, if writing is not your thing, and you need the services of a professional writer to bail you out of  a shoddy resume situation, repair cringe-worthy web copy, write your memoir, ghost write your novel or do magic with words in any situation, then check out